Hi, I'm Stephen Klein, Calgary-based graphic designer, artist, front-end web designer, New Media Production & Design graduate of SAIT. I have a strong desire to learn as much as I can about graphic and web design and other forms of media with a strong focus on user experience. My biggest goals are to help others achieve theirs through clean, up-to-date design and communication.

I love animals, grids, the colour #115D8C and I play a mean fiddle. You can see some of my recent work by clicking on the thumbnails below and please get in touch if you want to work on something together. Feel free to come visit again soon to see new projects I'm working on.

What I'm working on now:

II have the privilege of managing a media team to work with the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) to provide graphic design, photography and video services. We are creating showcase videos for select animals that have been in care for a prolonged amount of time without finding adoptive parents.
The goal: To find their forever homes.

Check out one of our videos:

Art direction, filming, editing: Stephen Klein
Filming: Josh Boak (boak.ca)
Audio: Emily Gill